BioSpec® 7T

photo collage of BioSpec 7t equipment

The Bruker BioSpec® USR70/30 horizontal bore system is a multipurpose high field MR scanner for both magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) for preclinical, pharmaceutical, and fundamental research. The instrument is based on the AVANCE III HD MRI scanner architecture, consisting of an actively shielded 7 Tesla 30 cm Bore USR Magnet with cryo-refrigeration that minimizes the time and cost associated with magnet maintenance.

Four receiver channels enable the use of custom RF arrays that increase imaging efficiency, and two transmit channels support broadband imaging, spectroscopy and spectroscopic imaging. Three interchangeable gradient inserts are set according to the target measurement: the largest, with 20-cm ID bore, provide a maximum gradient amplitude of 200mT/m, while 11.6-cm and 6-cm gradients, optimized for rats and mice, deliver 400 mT/m and 950 mT/m, respectively.

The MRI suite is equipped with a dedicated isoflurane anesthesia system, temperature controlled platform, cardiac gating, and respiratory gating. This 30 cm bore system achieves sub-millimeter spatial resolution with variable, user-selectable, field-of-view and sensitivity. The acquisition times range from <1 s to 30 min depending on chosen resolution, field-of-view and function.

MRI is a powerful, non-invasive imaging modality that combines high spatial resolution with exquisite soft-tissue contrast. This instrument is routinely used for longitudinal evaluation of small animal models of cancer through anatomical or functional imaging, including, diffusion weighted imaging (DWI), perfusion and blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) contrast, dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) imaging, and spectroscopy. This system is also commonly used for screening, and the evaluation of novel contrast agents, therapeutic agents and advanced imaging methods.

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